Platelet Rich Plasma Injections

Dracula PRP Injections

One of our newest treatments the Platelet rich plasma (PRP) injections,also known as The Vampire Facial, a treatment that's growing in popularity with Kim Kardashian trying it out, PRP is fast becoming a celebrity must-try treatment.

PRP refers to platelet rich plasma - which is effectively a composition of blood - your own - that is injected into the areas you wish to plump up.

With PRP injections is the result is that you start to look fresher faced in the months following your treatment.

What is PRP?
PRP is not all that new - platelet rich plasma injections have been around for decades, helping athletes to heal sports related injuries (they're particularly helpful at healing tendon damage) but increasingly the benefits of PRP are being used in beauty. 

The platelet rich plasma that is injected is a concentrated formula of your own platelets which makes it rich in growth factors. Such growth factors are needed to repair the body, and come in handy too when trying to fight the signs of ageing.

When coming for a PRP treatment Michele will take some blood from you - imagine going for a beauty blood test - then that blood is processed using a mechanical device to seperate the platelets from the rest of the blood making the concentration of platelets three to four times the normal level.

The processing part of the treatment doesn't take long - on average 20 minutes, as the different elements are divided - red blood cells, white blood cells, platelets etc, then the clear platelet rich plasma is ready to inject back in the areas that need the most attention.

How does it work?
When PRP is injected into the skin, the injection entry point causes a small wound which activates the platelets and lets them get to work repairing the tissue in that area. Effectively PRP is encouraging your body to use it's own processes but more effectively in the places that are starting to need a bit of extra help.

What about the results?

PRP won't give you a post wrinkle reduction result, although we can use wrinkle reducing treatments along side PRP,  it will give your skin more natural radiance and a glow that will get people telling you how well you look.

It's a much more natural approach to anti ageing, both for the fact you're using your body's own material and for the fact the results develop over time.

Immediately post treatment you may have some redness and spotting but in terms of looking more youthful you'll have to be patient. It also makes sense that the younger you are the better the result as your body's natural healing processes are quicker.

Gradually your skin will have a subtle improvement that will give you a fresher look than before - without putting anything foreign into the skin.

To increase the impact of the results we recommend having one treatment every month for three months then you should be able to enjoy the benefits of PRP for up to 18 months after that.

Who is it best for?

 PRP will offer the best results to those with bad acne scarring as it helps the skin's healing processes, but PRP is also a good option for those not keen to use synethic products like fillers or Botox but are still interested in improving their skin's condition and appearance.  

 It's also an effective method to treat fine lines and to improve the overall texture of the skin, but for more noticeable results a combination treatment may be more satisfactory

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"I always felt my teeth looked yellow in photographs. I was made feel at ease by the pleasant staff and the treatment was explained really well. It was a comfortable experience and i would give it a 10/10. I am very pleased with my results. Would highly recommend!"

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" T. Smyth, Coleraine

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