Loose Dentures? Make them History!

Redback Creations - Monday, January 07, 2013

Many people are missing all or some of their teeth in the upper or lower jaw, some have difficulty keeping their dentures secure and struggle with this annoyance, but help is at hand!

Dentures become loose over a period of time due to the supporting bone levels starting to recede away. This means the denture no longer fits as snugly as it once did. Options are available to have new dentures made or to have your dentures relined, however problems can still persist due to the changing shape of the bone.

If you find loose dentures are an issue for you, that you are embarrassed about your loose dentures, or reluctant to go out for meals with family and friends, carrying a tube of adhesive "just in case." Give us a call on 02870 832798 and ask about denture stabilisation.

Denture stabilisation uses dental implants to secure dentures in place.

As illustrated above, the procedure involves placing titanium screws into the jaw, where they will fuse into the bone. This procedure usually takes approximately 1 hour and can be done with local anesthetic. Your denture is modified for comfort during the healing period, then is further modified to snap onto the implants. The denture is now secure until you remove it for cleaning.

Benefits of denture stabilisation include :

  1. Restores chewing, allowing you to enjoy a wide variety of foods
  2. Improves speech
  3. Improves confidence and comfort
  4. Dentures no longer move around as they may have before
  5. The procedure is less invasive than you think.

Get in contact with the practice should you have any enquiries or would like further information.

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