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Redback Creations - Friday, May 05, 2017

Lots of patients are asking me about lips at the moment and each person has a different concern, so I thought we would have a look at this treatment option this month.


Lip enhancement procedures can add fullness to thin lips, decrease wrinkles around the mouth and improve lip contour and harmony with facial features. Adding volume to the lips with injectable fillers can restore a youthful fullness that has been lost with age or it can enhance lips that have always been thinner than desired.

Understanding Your Lips:

Lips can be many different shapes and sizes. The key to a beautiful lip enhancement procedure is to maintain appropriate contour and balance between the upper and lower lips and with the rest of the facial features. The lips can be divided into several different areas that can be addressed with surgical and non-surgical procedures.

Youthful and Attractive lips:

• Smooth upper lip skin that is typically less than 2cm from the base of the nose
• Slight upturn at the oral commissures
• Defined Cupid's bow and vermillion border
• Red lips are full with the lower lip fuller than the upper lip
• Subtle amount of teeth show with a relaxed mouth
The goal of lip enhancement procedures is to enhance the features of the lip that make them beautiful and youthful. Lip enhancement procedures performed by us will add volume to the lips while maintaining the appropriate contour and balance.

Every patient has different goals for lip enhancement, we have the experience and expertise to know how much and where to inject each fi ller to provide a natural result to accomplish those goals.

Lip Filler Injections:

• Add volume to deflated lips, making lips look symmetrical again
• Define the borders and shape of the lips
• Soften “lipstick” lines
• Reverse downturned corners of the mouth
• Provide more red lip show

Non-Surgical Lip Enhancement

Some patients have thin lips in their youth, while others notice significant volume loss in the lips over time. As the lips lose volume, they become less projected and lines can form around the edges.
Injectable fillers such as Teosyal Kiss or Juvederm work well to enhance the natural shape of the lips and give a fuller, more rounded appearance to deflated lips. Adding volume to thin lips can balance the face and give a softer, more feminine appearance.
To improve “lipstick lines” or lip lines that form at the border of the lip, a filler such as Belotero can be used to fill in the lip lines individually. Adding volume to the lips along the vermillion border can also smooth out those lines and return definition and shape to deflated lips. Fillers can also be used to help reverse downturned corners of the mouth that often give a frowning and sad expression to the face

Before and After

Check the results that some patients had with Lip Augmentation and imagine how great you will look after you’ve experienced it yourself!


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